African Wildlife Conservation

This experience will take you across different game reserves in the Greater Kruger Area for an ultimate safari where you will take game drives in search for the iconic African Big 5 and other stunning wildlife.

What will I be doing?

Your role as a volunteer is very important to aid with the conservation strategies that take place across the complex. You will be doing activities such as game counts, data collection, behavioural research.


You will also be taken into the reserves on foot to help on the ground with removing snares, making clearings, and removing invasive species. Having volunteers working in the bush really helps the park with the work load considering the vast area that is needed to be covered to ensure the habitats can thrive.


You will be working with the wildlife research and analysis team to collect data whilst learning techniques which are used to detect animal activity and distinguish between the different specials and animals.


You will be staying in a luxurious volunteer base camp on the banks of the Olifants River which is left open to the national park and allows frequent wildlife spotting from the viewing deck. You will share a lodge with other volunteers which has 2 cooked meals a day and a self-service breakfast, WiFi, hot showers, a swimming pool and an outdoor socialising area.



The Greater Kruger area is in the north-east of South Africa, it consists of over 20 private game reserves to form one vast reserve on the west side of the Kruger National Park which amounts to 5.5 million acres of unfenced land where African wildlife can roam freely such as lions, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs and wild dogs, just to name a few.