Canine Anti-Poaching Program

Enjoy and learn on this adventurous and animal loving program. Spend time with young puppies and older dogs and train them to be intelligent working canines. This project is the perfect balance of having fun but also working towards a great cause against poaching of wildlife.

What will I be doing?

You will be working alongside a professional dog trainer, Kieth, and his dog handling team and helping with the maintenance, animal welfare and training of what will become working dogs. This project will be hands on and rewarding. Daily activities include:

  • Feeding, Grooming/Bathing (if needed)

  • Daily long walks to exercise the older dogs

  • Scent training with both puppies and dogs 

  • Bite training - you will be observing this unless you are doing a dog handling course

  • Play time

  • Game drives with the dogs

  • Desensitising

Almost any outing/ activity that you do whether it is specifically dog related or not, is a potential opportunity for the dogs to learn. Kieth likes to take the dogs on most outings so they they can get used to travel, seeing new wildlife, learning different scents etc. Any activity can become an educational game for the dogs. 

It is a really fun project with plenty of variety. You will also have the opportunity to visit the other projects happening in Bubiana for example the Horse Riding Experience or the Leopard Collaring & Conservation (if this is taking place at the time). You will also have plenty of down time for extra activities too.


You will be staying in traditional and luxurious African accommodation. You will either be in individual round houses or a tented camp consisting of 4 tents. Both with twin rooms or double rooms which all have en-suite bathrooms and a shared lounging and dining area. It is safe to say you will be very comfortable during your time here. Both accommodation set ups have Wi-Fi and are solar powered.


You will be provided with three cooked meals a day and plenty of refreshments such as tea, coffee and juice, should you wish. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know in advance. There is house-keeping and laundry services included on site.

tented camp.jpeg


The Bubiana Conservancy is located in the south of Zimbabwe. It is a vast area consisting of about 50,000 acres of African bush with an extremely high population of African wildlife. This is a great location if you're looking for a real African experience - you will be 4 hours from the closest town and get to experience the peace and tranquility of being surrounded by nature. Bubiana has stunning mountains and balancing rock structures formed over thousands of years with picturesque dams and farmland. It is a home away from home with a true family feeling.