Ghana Veterinary Project

At the Ghana Vet Clinic you can get hands on experience working with the local vet. You don’t have to be someone with veterinary or vet nurse experience, the clinic welcomes everyone who wants to help care for animals in need.

What will I be doing?

Working in the Ghana clinic might be different to what you are used – be reading for a challenge as working in Africa is all about being resourceful and thinking outside the box.


There is never a dull moment in the clinic, you will get to either carry out or assist on all sorts of procedures such as spays, castrates, vaccinations, emergency call outs and routine appointments/ field work. Depending on your experience, the clinic will tailer your experience for you so that you get the most out if the trip.



During your stay you will be staying in the Volunteer House which you will be sharing with up to 25 volunteers for a lively community style experience. You will be staying in single sex dorm rooms which all have air conditioning. The rooms are well decorated, clean and simple. There are shared bathrooms throughout the house. 

You will receive 2 cooked meals a day, breakfast and dinner and the project managers will help you find a place to eat for lunch, or you can cook it yourself in the house.



Ghana is one of the friendliest countries in Africa. You will experience being welcomed with joyful faces by all the locals who love to have oversees visitors. The Volunteer House is situated in Labadi which is on the outskirts of Accra and is only five minutes from the beautiful sandy beaches and a 20-minute drive from the city. Any amenities that you may need such as convenience stores, pharmacies and forex bureaus are all within a short distance from the house. The area where you will be staying is very quiet and inside a large, gated compound. The team will always be there to help make you feel as safe as possible during your trip.