Girl Empowerment

The Girl Empowerment Project is a way of changing the lives of girls and boys to believe in something better. You can help develop an understanding of the gender gap which is still very real in Zambia, and educate them in ways to close it. We are working together to achieve the UN’s Global Goal of Gender Equality.

What will I be doing?

We have three main educational groups, Girls Group, Boys Group and Womens Group which all focus on personalised sessions in order to guide the locals towards a life which is equal and giving them confidence to stand up for girls and women across the country. You will be providing support through workshops and lessons about gender based discrimination.


You will also be involved in all-girls sports club which encompasses nutritional talks about the importance of a balanced diet. You will get to work with the Tag Rugby Trust and provide P.E sessions for girls and shift the gender stereotype.


Accommodation: The volunteer house is shared between all the volunteers across the 6 different projects that take place in Livingstone. The Victoria Falls Backpackers Zambia is a well-known and very popular destination within the area with loads of activities on your doorstep. There is a swimming pool, bar, fire pit and a climbing wall. You will be staying in dormitories with shared bathrooms and daily housekeeping with three meals every weekday provided. On weekends you will have access to a kitchen or multiple cafés and restaurants in the surrounding area.

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This is a very touristic destination which sits on the boarder of Zambia between Zimbabwe, Botswana, and the tip of Namibia. The staff will be happy to direct you to the popular activities available. They can organise river cruises along the Zambezi River, white water rafting, trips to Chobe National Park in Botswana, bungee jumping, zip wires, swimming on top of the Victoria Falls, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, and many more activities! Despite it being a touristic hotspot, the evenings are relaxed so you can unwind whilst enjoying sundowners the typical Zambian way.