Horse Riding & Wildlife Conservation

This project is an extension of the Anti-Poaching and Wildlife Conservation project which is a unique way to experience Africa and Conservation. It gives you the opportunity to take part in a lot of the activities in the wildlife project but on horseback. You will be riding five days a week, for around 3 hours a day depending on the weather and what work needs to be done.

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What will I be doing?

During your time as a horse volunteer, you will get to see some incredible sights that you wouldn’t get to experience in a vehicle.


Activities Include:

  • Tracking game such as black and white rhinos and cheetahs with telemetry.

  • Assisting the anti-poaching unit with locating the monitored animals and observing their behaviour.

  • Learn about the animals from experienced guides and rangers.

  • Ride through the bush close to the rhino.

  • Walk through the bush close to elephants.

  • Feed elephants.

  • Clean out and repair elephant enclosures.

  • Snare patrols and anti-poaching monitoring.

  • Fish netting patrols on many different dams.

  • Fence and boundary patrol on horseback.

  • Weapons training.

You will also be focussing your time with the local community by helping support those which live around the conservancy. You may be teaching for the literacy program in primary schools, building, organising sports activities, or interacting with the locals by learning how to cook and dance on the 'cultural evenings'. You will also take some field trips to the game reserve for conservation education. It is a great way to get to know the local families who live in and around the area.


You will be housed in volunteer accommodation of up to 12 people. The rooms are shared with well decorated single beds. There is shared bathrooms and hot water is provided. You will receive 3 cooked meals a day and we also cater for vegetarians and vegans so if you have any dietary requirements please do let us know in advance. This project is all about spending time with nature- there is no WiFi, however, you can purchase a Zimbabwean SIM card which you can use to access 3G however, signal is unreliable. Be prepared to be off the grid!

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Wedza is located in the West of Zimbabwe. The project is situated in a game reserve of over 10,000 acres of Zimbabwean bush filled with incredible wildlife. Talk about peace and tranquillity, in you spare time you can enjoy fishing or canoeing in one of the multiple dams dotted across the reserve or simply sit back and enjoy the incredible landscape. Zimbabwe is known for it’s friendly population of whom you will quickly get to know and start to call family.