Lion & Cheetah Park Volunteering

This is a great project for anyone who wants to expose themselves to African wildlife and the operations behind running a game reserve. Situated in Zimbabwe, it is a stunning location and has so much to offer.


What will I be doing?

This project is a 2-week course based at the Lion and Cheetah Park in Zimbabwe. It is open to volunteers of all abilities and experience. You will take part in an adventurous 2 weeks of animal management and veterinary related experience which will be run by our wildlife and game capture expert, Your role will be to get as involved as possible with all the work the team will be doing. You will be taking part in activities such as:


  • Darting and administrating routine medication/ vaccinations and health checks to all the captive lions in the game park, including two rare white lions.

  • Carrying out anti-poaching measures such as snare sweeps and boundary patrols.

  • Take part in training and caring for the three trainee anti-poaching German Shepherds.

  • Assist with a refurbishment of the perimeter fencing.

  • Learn game park and wildlife management.

  • Learn how wildlife are dipped to prevent tick bites.

  • Treat and care for the horses who live on site.

  • Assist with the construction of a new drive-through lion enclosure.

  • Shadow and assist the veterinarians with the potential darting of wild animals in the game park such as impala, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, eland and warthog, for health checks and/or treatment for injuries.


You will be staying in a large, beautifully decorated, shared house with shared rooms and shared bathrooms. There will be a fully equipped kitchen which will be stocked with plenty of breakfast foods for a self-made breakfast. You will be provided with a cooked lunch and dinner. Catering for dietary requirements is possible, so long as you let us know in advance. There is a swimming pool, a comfortable shared living space with TV and speaker system. WiFi is available however, the signal at the house is temperamental (you are in Africa..!). You may also purchase a SIM card (cost $1) at arrivals in the airport which you can use to access 3G. There is good signal around the park so this may be preferable for a lot of people.



Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with so much to offer. The sunsets are like none you’ve ever seen before and the landscapes are one of a kind. The Lion and Cheetah Park is located in Somerby which is 23km from Harare. You will have the luxury of the African bush on your door step, but access to the busy city of Harare once a week, for any amenities you may need.