Medical & Community Development

This medical program is for anyone from medical professions, students, to those with an interest healthcare. If you’re looking for a medical related project whilst having the true volunteer experience, this project is for you.

What will I be doing?

You will be involved in clinical work to support the public healthcare system in Zambia. The clinics are overcrowded and understaffed and struggle to get patients in and out so having volunteers assisting at the clinics, makes a huge difference with the number of people who receive healthcare and the quality of service. There are a few outpatient clinics which focus on HIV and TB services, pharmacies, maternity, adults and children.


We offer home-based care to help those who can’t afford or visit the clinic and need advice on where to go. So many people don’t use the services available because there are often queues or it is too expensive.


You will also be teaching the importance of healthcare at local school and training centres and sharing your possibly, lifesaving knowledge against common African diseases and other threats to the human body.


In the afternoons, you could be involved in Maths Club, Reading Club, After-School Care for young kids, Adult Literacy Class, Art Club, and even building activities.


The volunteer house is shared between all the volunteers across the 6 different projects that take place in Livingstone. The Victoria Falls Backpackers Zambia is a well-known and very popular destination within the area with loads of activities on your doorstep. There is a swimming pool, bar, fire pit and a climbing wall. You will be staying in dormitories with shared bathrooms and daily housekeeping with three meals every weekday provided. On weekends you will have access to a kitchen or multiple cafés and restaurants in the surrounding area.

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This is a very touristic destination which sits on the boarder of Zambia between Zimbabwe, Botswana, and the tip of Namibia. The staff will be happy to direct you to the popular activities available. They can organise river cruises along the Zambezi River, white water rafting, trips to Chobe National Park in Botswana, bungee jumping, zip wires, swimming on top of the Victoria Falls, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, and many more activities! Despite it being a touristic hotspot, the evenings are relaxed so you can unwind whilst enjoying sundowners the typical Zambian way.