Wildlife Rescue & Release

This project focuses on rescuing injured animals, bringing them to a wildlife rehabilitation centre and caring for them until they can be released back into the wild. Be prepared to get your hands dirty. We often get orphaned animals such as impalas, mongoose, bush babies, warthogs, caracals, porcupines, calves and more. Orphaned animals require lots of attention and there is always work to do.  

What will I be doing?

Your time will be divided into wildlife care and conservation work. The conservation work you will be doing is related to the surrounding wildlife- you will be living in the middle of the bush so there are many opportunities that need doing to maintain the area. You could be building wells, rescuing injured animals, tracking the wildlife, monitoring behaviours, and collecting data. All of these activities are essential for wildlife conservation.



You will be staying on Umoys Khulula's beautiful 50 hectare property surrounded by the Africa bush and just metres away from the rescue centre. The accommodation is simple and comfortable with standalone rooms. You will have shared bathrooms and even a luxurious jacuzzi to relax in the evenings. 

There is complimentary wifi and laundry. The accommodation houses up to 10 volunteers at a time. 

accommodation WRR4.png
accommodation WRR3.png


The project is situated in Limpopo which is located in the northernmost province of South Africa. The property is surrounded by beautiful wildlife and endless rows of farm. It is in a tropical garden town blooming with agriculture. The town is full of wildlife and amazing landscapes and stunning sunsets. There are lots of touristic destinations such as the Tzaneen Dam, Magoeblaskoof and Haenertsburg. You will have the privilage of seeing warthog outside your window, or impalas jumping over the bushes. Its a quiet and remote area with a humbling atmosphere.