OPENING May 2022

Zanzibar English Teaching Project

Zanzibar is a gorgeous island which is constantly in need of conservation and education. The main source of income is through tourism due to the stunning views and landscapes that make up the island. The locals struggle to find work in the tourism industry due to a lack of education, however, this can be changed because of you.

What will I be doing?

On this project you will be focusing on teaching English to the local community to help better their communication, education and chance of getting a job in the tourist industry. Volunteering in Zanzibar brings diversity to the classroom, providing new teaching methods, ideas and ways of interacting.


You will be teaching at nurseries and schools to build solid foundations within the younger generation of children. Teaching them at a young age is a huge advantage to help them better their journey through education. You will also participate in teaching English classes for adults. This activity is unique to our other teaching projects, since you are making an impact with all age groups. The education centre which you will be teaching adults in, was built by previous volunteers with the help of donations. The influence that volunteering has is huge and continues to grow.


We also use this opportunity to further the education and support women across the country. You will spend time with the Kanga Ladies who are a group of women taking recycled materials and making them into traditional Tanzanian mats which they sell for income. This is a great way to spreading awareness to other women by using this group as an example of opportunities that the locals can do. All of this is made possible with volunteers.


If that wasn’t enough, you will also be getting your share of physical work to help the community develop. You will be planting trees, making EcoBricks, painting and building schools, delivering clothes to locals or working on the local farms. This brings such joy to the locals and encourages them to continue the work they do.


You will stay in a rustic beach house with other volunteers. The house has dorms and ensuite bathrooms, equipped with daily house keeping. You will receive 3 freshly cooked meals a day.



Zanzibar is a remote island off Tanzania. Its tropical climate provides a luxurious paradise for tourists and volunteers. You are surrounded by endless white sand beaches with bright blue waves with local markets dotted around towns. The volunteer base is in the small town of Jambiani which is on the coast.